To schedule an appointment, call us at 214-431-4539.

When visiting the North Richardson Family Clinic for the first time, we ask that you arrive a few minutes before your appointment to fill out some paper work. Please bring your insurance card and be prepared to answer some brief health history questions.



Same Day Is Okay
When you need to go to the doctor, you don't want to wait. At the North Richardson Family Clinic, we can usually get you in on the same day and sometimes right away for your acute problems.

If you have an immediate life threatening situation such as a severe injury or crushing chest pain, call the ambulance by dialing 911.

For other emergencies, you may save time and money by first calling the North Richardson Family Clinic. Many emergencies may be handled in the office setting. This may be more convenient and less expensive for you. Our phone is answered during office hours. Only real emergencies should be taken to the emergency room.

Fill Out Form Before You Go
Would you like to save you and your family some time when you come to your appointment? Well take a few minutes now, print off the forms below and have them filled out when you arrive.