Jinsong Zhang, M.D. Ph.D, is a board certified Family physician. He is also specialized in wound care, including taking care of bed sores, diabetic wounds, venous wounds and other skin problems. His training allows him to take care of patients from new born to seniors.  He can also takes care of patients with gynecological disorders.  


Dr. Zhang takes all major insurance plans including major private insurance, Medicare and some Medicaid patients. If your family or friends need a family doctor (PCP), he will be happy to take care of them. His motto is: Treat all my patients like my family members.   
As experienced and compassionate physician, Dr. Zhang understands that change is sometimes difficult. He believes that, in the end, each individual makes his or her own decisions about their health.
Dr. Zhang enjoys sharing his knowledge of the human body with his patients and their family members. He makes every effort to individualize his recommendations based on his patients' particular lifestyles and needs.